What is it?

Our System

Our Unethical Behavior Allegation System is an instrument through which any unethical behaviors are reported in a private, secure, easy-to-use and with the option to do it anonymously. The system is operated by a third independent party called EthicsGlobal which is the frontrunner on allegation management and reports in the Country.

The integrity of an organization has a direct effect on its reputation and success. When everyone shows their integrity, our customers, clients, suppliers, shareholders and our competitors see us as an honest and fair company.

Our reputation grows positively. Sometimes acting with integrity is not always an easy task and the right way on going about things is not always clear. Sometimes is complicated to look at all laws and regulations that apply to us, as well as procedures and policies.

Regardless, behaving with integrity is not complicated. If you have any questions on the proper manner to behave, or if a person is not taking action correctly in terms of the integrity that you have in mind, you have the responsibility to speak up and you have the right to rely on a safe, easy, private and in your case, anonymous methods to do so.

Your director/manager or immediate supervisor becomes a viable solution for this matter, but if you think that is not the proper, nor ethical way in doing so, or if you tried speaking up and you weren’t heard, you can use our Unethical Behavior Allegation System tool to report it or to obtain even more information on how the system works.

Our organization examines each and every single case out there and if necessary, makes a complete investigation and penalizes or implements correctional measures.

If you wish to do so, you can provide your name and contact information, but identification is not necessary in other cases and you can do it anonymously.

The company expects every employee to fulfill and help maintain our values and code of conduct, whilst doing the right thing, and complying with policies of the company, as well as laws, rules and regulations anywhere and everywhere we operate.


You can provide your name and contact information if you like, but identification is not necessary in other cases and you can do that in an anonymous manner.


The company expects that every employee fulfills and helps maintain our values in honoring the code of ethics whilst doing the right thing, fulfilling the norms and policies of the company, as well as respecting the laws, rules and regulations anywhere and everywhere we operate.


Our Responsibility


  • Ensure freedom of making questions to all our members.
  • Provide tools and stations for query and complaint reception in easy, safe, confidential and anonymous ways without any fear of repercussion or vengeance.
  • Investigate, solve and in your case, punish all received reports.


Your Responsibility


  • If you are a witness or have any type of knowledge of any inappropriate behavior, report it so that you don’t become an accomplice of this action.
  • Ask yourself about your personal integrity.
  • Use complaint stations provided by the company.
  • Provide all possible information and in your case, proof of every case for a proper invesgation.
  • Actively monitor reports to become aware of the status and corrective measures of the investigation, and in your case add any information, proof or relapses.